By utilizing professional interpreters, both staff and independent contractors, we strive to provide for all of your interpreting needs. Able Hands aims for excellence in all that we do and we believe you will notice the difference. All interpreters must meet our high standards in honoring confidentiality and cultural awareness. All interpreters must also follow the procedures set forth by the Missouri Certification and License systems: If you are interested in working for Able Hands give us a call 816-838-HAND (4263). We want to put the Ability in YOUR Hands!





Using an interpreter is not meant to be difficult or overwhelming!

Speak Naturally

Speak naturally and directly to the deaf consumer, not the interpreter. For example, say "Do you have anything you would like to add?" rather than "Does he/she have anything to add?" Speak directly to the deaf individual.

Eye Contact

Maintain eye contact with the Deaf individual - the interpreter is there to facilitate the communication between yourself and the individual.


Allow the interpreter to guide you in setting up the room to maximize communication.

Allow for Extra Time

Your comments are interpreted so the response will be slightly delayed due to the interpreting process.


Don't ask any personal questions regarding the Deaf individual of the interpreter. The interpreter is bound by a code of confidentiality and cannot repeat any information they have learned on previous interpreting jobs. Also, it is unlikely the interpreter would know the information you are looking for - please ask your deaf individual directly.

Everything is Interpreted

Do not say things that you do not want interpreted. The interpreter ethically must interpret everything they hear.


If there are any written materials to be given to the Deaf individual(s), give copies to the interpreters in advance (when possible) so they will be able to review vocabulary and get familiar with what will be used as they will be unable to look at the hand out and interpret at the same time.

Take Turns Speaking

Only allow one person to speak at one time. This will reduce confusion and lost information.

Code of Ethics

All Interpreters follow the Interpreters Code of Professional Conduct set forth by the Registry of Interpreters for the Deaf (R.I.D.) and they also follow Missouri and Kansas certification/license laws and procedures.


deaf individual

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